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When Thunder and Wind Walked the Earth © by Irina Serban


You know, there was a time when the Earth appeared as a chaotic mixture of dust, water and fire, when mountains were still to be born, and rivers did not know which their beginning and end were. During such times, Man was only a promise of the gods, a try to inhabit an untamed land, which shook and shivered at the touch of his steps.

Man was fearful when seeing the unknown surroundings, but his curiosity was stronger than his fear, and he started searching and searching for the secrets hidden under every rock. He experimented with mixing fire and water, dust and air, and as the time passed by, with every answer he obtained, his nature grew arrogant.

He started walking proudly and considered himself the leader of all the creation and non-creation. He was killing the beasts, cutting the trees, submerging into waters only to find out more and more about his world. He forgot he himself was a particle of dust into that world. He had never asked himself how he came into being, what secret brought him into life. The whole world was his, and he laughed spitefully at the gods.

“If I could find out so much about what you created, then, I’m your equal! You have no greater power than I!”

The skies darkened and were suddenly shattered by a deafening sound. Man, frightened, put his hands on his ears and curled with his knees to his chest. A current of air pushed him with such a force that he fell on his back.

“Let me help you, human!”, he heard a voice and saw a hand stretching out of the swirling dust. He grabbed the hand presently without wondering who that person was, and where he came from. He gave a fretted look to the stranger he had in front of him: his transparent body was crossed by dense clouds, his eyes borrowed the heat and intensity of the fire, and his hand was burning.

“What was that?” Man asked in panic releasing the stranger’s hand.

“You mean that sound?” asked the traveller.

“Yes, and that force that pushed me.”

“Aren’t you the one who knows everything? Aren’t you the most powerful?” asked again the traveller.

Man, in his arrogance, regained confidence and promised the traveller he would go and find out who had this power to frighten him and to make him doubt himself. When Man took the first step, the same force he had felt earlier prevented him from moving further. In front of him, there was another person, tall, with broad shoulders (that could sustain a whole mountain if put on them), gelid eyes, which made Man’s soul freeze.

Man stood still analysing the two strangers he had in front of his eyes. He could not read a thing in their gaze. They did not move, and one by the side of the other, appeared to Man as an unsurpassable barrier. Without their lips moving, he heard their voices.

“I am Thunder.”

“And I am Wind.”

“What are you searching for, human? Why do you need the answers so much as to go against the one Great Mystery that created you? Do you think that if you detained the secret of creating, you can also detain the secret of seeding life? Do you want the Mystery revealed to you, Man? Are you willing to pay the price?”

The human, without hesitating, agreed to find out all the answers not fearing the consequences.

Thunder and Wind took him to the place where everything was created. In that place where Time did not exist, Man spent millennia watching and learning, but still he was not satisfied. He wanted to find out the deepest secrets of all: how everything got a soul. So, one day, Man tried to touch the all-creating energy. Then, he heard the voice of Thunder:

“If you do that, human, there will be no way back for you!”

Wind pushed him with all his force trying to prevent him from touching the Great Mystery, but all was in vain. Upon touching it, Man transformed into a streak of light that hit the Earth with such a force that shaped it into the Earth we know today.

It is since then that, during storms, Thunder, Wind and Lightning visit the Earth together, for Man, through his carelessness, became Lightning and also found out the greatest secrets of all:

·      Mystery will never unfold in front of those who seek it arrogantly and disrespectfully.
·      One should approach Mystery holding not more than a candle light in their hands, for what is hidden shuns the strong light and will hide even deeper. This applies for the outer as well as for the inner mystery that dwells in each of us. We should not try to dismantle everything we are about, but we should approach our inner depths with the same love and care as Thunder and Wind did with him.
·      Men should never try to find all the answers, for even if they could, what a dull and meaningless place this world would be! Beauty has its home in mystery!
·      Not even the greatest power in this Universe has all the answers, and things should always reel in light and darkness, secret and disclosure, for one cannot exist without the other.

These are the secrets that Lightning tries to tell all humans whenever it strikes. Sometimes, he is envious on all those who respect the mystery, and strikes in fury, for other times, you can feel his longing for the world he took for granted and approaches it with replenishing care, touching softly the land which beauty he failed to see.

© Copyright 2013 Irina Serban. All rights reserved  


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