Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Even If A Tree... © by Irina Serban

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Dreamers think more than once to give up. 

Dreamers know fear, disappointment and failure well. 

Dreamers feel guilty when completely dedicating themselves to their calling at the expense of time spent with their loved ones. 

Dreamers have high hopes and expectations that, sometimes, are not met. 

Dreamers are alone since the path they’re on can be shared with others, but cannot be walked by others. 

In spite of everything, Dreamers don’t quit! 

This writing is dedicated to all of you who dare, who aim high, who turn their backs on people’s expectations, and embrace the only song that matters: that of their hearts’. 

Even If A Tree...

Even if a tree grew inside my room, I would still wish to look out of the window and see if there are other trees eager for curious eyes to stop amidst their branches while searching for beauty.

Even if I saw a whole forest from the safety of my windowsill, I would still like to open wide the door and breathe in the scent of mossy earth.

Even if the scenery unfolded languorously stretching its green limbs into the night, I would still leave the safety of my doorstep and venture into the secrecy of the forest, which lures me with rustling leaves and animal verses, with playful moon rays and fairy giggles.

Even if the forest protected me, I would still want my heart to fly and continue searching.

It's not only a matter of courage! It's holding hands with fear and uncertainty, with doubt and wish to give up, but most of all with the rhythm of a heart, which believes that magic is dwelling at my window, on my doorstep, in the dark forests of my life. That rhythm makes fear and uncertainty, doubt and resignation as light as feathers. Soul thrives at the threshold between what seems to be dark and the hope for light. And heart whispers:

"One more step, and I'll show you the light above the thick crowns of the trees! One more step together! You are allowed to feel weak and lonely, but you are not allowed to give up on me. One more step!"

And I trust that whisper, which sounds like the cold streams that carve their silent destiny through the woods. I take one more step carrying the burden of my path and of my aloneness on my shoulders for this is how my heart knows to fly.

© Copyright 2013 Irina Serban. All rights reserved   

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