Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Love's Message © by Irina Serban

I had a dream of a beautiful woman in a red silk dress. Her long ebony hair caressed her marble-like shoulders, while the desert wind played on her body with furtive fingers. Facing the full moon, she was talking, but I could not distinguish the words, so, I told the wind to be silent. Well, I think my arrogant request left it speechless since it stopped blowing, and I could hear her well. Yet, I distinguished another whisper that intrigued me: it was that of the Moon.

“They admire you, and your light sings in their hearts every night,” said the woman to the Moon.

“They feel you every instant of their lives, day or night,” replied the Moon.

“Do they? Don’t they forget about me when they are angry, fearful, envious, mean?”

“No, it is then that they need you most. It is then that their souls twist in agony and expand searching for you; they meet their shadows, they cross dark valleys, but all of them hope to reach the luminous top of the mountain, for it is light that feeds their souls.”

“Maybe, you’re right, Moon. But why do they keep looking for me in things and persons, in achievements and success, in possessions and wishes,” said the woman again.

“Because your light is so soft and gentle that they can’t see it in their rush through life. They fear their depths are surrounded in darkness. So they start travelling outwards for a long time until they realize that you’ve always been there. I think deep down they know it already and all the things they do, fight for, want to achieve are done in your name, Love! They’re searching and learning, they’re trying to figure out what it is that nurtures your light. People are born with the need to give and receive Love, for you are the essence of all creation, even mine.” concluded the Moon.

Love fell silent, pondering at her existence.

“Now, go and be there for them!” urged her the Moon. “I need you to be there, too. How can they adore me, if you don’t seed yourself in their hearts?”

Love suddenly turned her glowing face towards me, and raising her starlit eyebrows in surprise, she asked me:

“What are you doing here?”

“Searching for you,” I said. “It’s your day today, and you’ve been missing.”

She smiled and the whole desert shifted and moved its dunes creating a golden circle around us. The wind came back and raised the playful grains of sand in a sparkling merry-go-round. She faded into that dance, and I felt her all around me, and inside my heart.

“I’m everywhere. I never leave, and I don’t need a day to be remembered since every day is a celebration for those who never abandon me. I’m in the rustling leaves, in the movement of the seasons, in rain and thunders, in tempests and sunshine, but most of all, I’m in two friends holding their hearts together, I’m in the kiss and making love of two in-love people, I’m in the joy of an animal running freely, I’m in the thrill of a flower growing in a field caressed by the sun. I vest so many forms, and only your faith in me gives me tremendous power. I’m a small seed, which can burst into light at one touch of will from your part. Choose me, and everything else will fade away!” said Love, her words melting once with the rising sun.

The wind is still carrying her voice and whispers sometimes, and I look at the Moon and thank her for giving Love the courage to say those words to me.

Oh, and she also told me to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day. So, Happy Valentine’s Day folks!

© Copyright 2013 Irina Serban. All rights reserved   

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