Wednesday, 13 March 2013

We're Like The Ocean © by Irina Serban

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Have you seen how the waves seem to search for each other? How they move respecting the balance of the unseen depths? How they finally melt and flow in a courtship dance until they rest on the shores?

We’re like two waves rushing on the surface of the ocean: one rising, roaring, dashing with all its might in an illusory battle; the other one gently embracing its fury and waiting for it to melt in that embrace. For when one rises, the other one loses strength, when one perishes on the shore, the other one fades in the sorrowful waters.

We’re like two waves searching for each other, struggling to find the hidden hands that push us to the surface. We force the currents, we struggle through the storms, we keep our crests high out of fear not to fall prey to oblivion, or the ocean to erase the foamy traces of our existence.

We’re like two waves that live the life a wave should lead keeping with the norms and rules of the blue unknown. But the core of our strength resides in the rebellious wish to find each other. Oh, what a blunder would that be: two waves together, one day, can grow mightier than the plain, fearful ocean.

Or is the ocean the one that feeds our hunger for each other?

Imagine this: we cannot stay in the middle of the ocean forever! One day, we’ll meet on the shore, and the grains of sand will absorb and remember our sensuous dance under the moonlit skies. There's nothing to be feared in this surrender. 

 Love, Searching, Balance…
We consider ourselves tall waves of an ocean. We rush and struggle through life, we try to reach higher and higher as if wanting to touch the sky, we’re searching never pleased with what we’re finding. We forget that what we’re really searching for is Love! We're like the ocean, and Love is the ocean!

© Copyright 2013 Irina Serban. All rights reserved 


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