Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The People With Their Heads Made of Clouds © by Irina Serban

Listen! Nothing is as it seems!

I’ve seen people who seemed to have their heads made of clouds and with skies on their shoulders. They were walking the deserted city streets swiped by lonely winds. They feared the forests bordering the grey lanes. They feared to look ahead. They feared to stop. Their world of mist wrapped them in illusions.

I’ve also seen people living on the rooftops who were watching the little ants swarming at the feet of their tall palaces. Scrutinizing with their eyes made of flickering lights, they were wondering why the skies had fallen, and why the clouds had abandoned the nothingness above.

Down there, in a world of stone and darkness, why wasn’t there any light? Why had the sky chosen to dwell there?

Suddenly, the people with their heads made of clouds could not stand that lonely wind anymore, which kept pushing them and making their journey difficult. They wanted to stay put and not to be pushed towards the frightening forests! They felt the skies on their shoulders as burdens and the clouds as curtains obstructing their view. They bundled against the wind, stood firm on their feet and raised their heads shaking off the skies from their shoulders. Their sight was still hazy. Through the clouds, now surrounding them, they seemed to hear voices calling—the people on the rooftops…

They were so disappointed at the lack of movement below that they started screaming and waving their hands at the ants. In anger, their eyes lit like fires. Dullness seemed to wrap their existence. They had nothing to look down upon anymore.

“Look!” said one of the people below wiping off the last traces of clouds from his eyes. “How wonderful and filled with light is the world above. How softly it moves!”

All the others followed his example and looked up. Soon, their whole world was filled with scattered pieces of sky and clouds. Since these fragments prevented them from seeing the surroundings, they started throwing them up (they still feared not to end up into the dark forests!). The wind embraced them and scattered them above their heads in a floating wonder.

The vaporous mist engulfed the people on the rooftops, who still curios to see the show below, started playing hide-and-seek between the clouds.

Sometimes, on clear night skies, their fiery eyes can still be seen. Probably, they’re still angry that the ants had so much power as to create another world for themselves and to change theirs forever, in turn. Or maybe, they're burning with desire to see the people adventuring into the dark forests.

Choose your destiny! 

© Copyright 2013 Irina Serban. All rights reserved

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