Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Spiders, Rain, And Lost People © by Irina Serban

Drums. Spiders. Webs. Rain. Forests. What do they have in common? Nothing, but the empty space containing them. Nothing, but the contemplative eyes of the one who is lost.

Spiders: busy weaving their homes, or treacherous traps for the unwary. Filament after filament of minute craftsmanship.

Webs: so thin, so apparently fragile, but so sturdy against the merciless gusts of the tempests.

Rain: falling, resting on the green leaves of the trees refreshed by its touch. So fastidious for the tiny spider, which all curled up, nestles in the corner of its web, hoping that its skilful slow work will withstand it.

Forests: from the haughtiness of their existence what do they care about spiders, and webs, and rain, and lost people? They are all protected by its trees, by their lush crowns. How they live their lives is up to them: spiders, and lost people.

What about the drums, you say? Well, they are there, in the middle of the thickest forests, in the darkest of corners. Their rhythm, like fine threads of golden light, ties together spiders, and webs, and rain, and forests, and lost people.

And the lost people, sooner or later, will see those threads, and clinging onto them, they’ll find a way out of the dark forests. No more fear of spiders, no more disgust when tangled in their webs, no more wishes for the rain to stop, but instead, thrill to travel through undiscovered places in an adventurous try to enjoy the rain, too.

Being lost is the best of times to surrender to the music of the drums, and step courageously on the dark alleys where spiders love to weave their web.

The thin threads of light are the promise of a whole sun awaiting for the lost people, at the end of the forest. If they keep walking! There, at the end of the forest, everything acquires a clear meaning: spiders will keep weaving their webs, rains will keep falling, forests will keep sheltering, people will keep finding themselves and getting lost again.

   What a merry-go-round this life is! So wonderful! Even when it’s raining!

© Copyright 2013 Irina Serban. All rights reserved 

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